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NC Treasurer

The N.C. Treasurer exercises fiduciary oversight over the state government. This means managing the state's $95 billion pension. Additionally, they are responsible for managing the state health care system and being a resource for local governments. 

Dale Folwell (R)
Folwell's Platform TLDR

Folewell has consistently committed himself to increasing transparency and efficiency in the NC Department of State Treasury. 


On health care, Folwell has worked hard to propose reform intended to reduce costs for all. 


In his office, he has been able to save North Carolinians hundreds of millions of dollars by coming down hard on Wall Street among other efforts.

Ronnie Chatterji (D)
Chatterji's Platform TLDR

Chatterji is a professor of business and public policy at Duke University. 


From the White House to Gov. Cooper’s Entrepreneurial Council, he is committed to leading North Carolina through responsible investments, increasing equity, expanding access to financial services and bettering our health care system. 


He also sees climate change as a key issue affecting how we invest in our future.

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Dale Folwell

Bio: Dale Folwell has served as Treasurer of NC since 2017. He has decades of experience as an investor and financial consultant. He has additionally served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Speaker Pro Tempore of NC House of Representatives, and four terms as Representative to the NC House. Folwell is “a conservative who consistently finds conservative and common sense solutions.” As treasurer, Dale has an impressive track record. He has maintained NC’s “AAA” credit rating, prioritized transparency, kept NC Retirement System as one of the best-funded pension funds in the US., and saved the State Health Plan $35 million. In 2011 as a Representative in the NC House, he was given a 0% rating by Planned Parenthood, an 11% rating by the ACLU of NC, a 91% rating by the American Conservative Union, and a 93% rating by the National Rifle Association.

Ronnie Chatterji

Bio: Chatterji and his family are proud residents of Durham, NC. Chatterji is an economist and professor of business and public policy at Duke University. He advised President Obama as a senior economist in the White House Council of Economic Advisers and worked on both of his presidential campaigns. He is a member of Governor Cooper’s Entrepreneurial Council and the NC First Commission. He also authored the book, “Can Business Save the Earth?” As treasurer, “he would improve the management of the pensions by taking a longer-term view on investments in the state’s retirement system.” Chatterji also believes climate change is a key issue and people must consider how this will impact health reform and investments.

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