State Offices:
NC State Senate District 54

The senator serves in the N.C. Senate chamber of the N.C. General Assembly.

Sen. Robert T. Reives (D)
Reives' Platform

As a freshman in the NCGA, Reives served as the Freshman Caucus Co-Chair and treasurer of the NC Leg. Black Caucus. He is a recipient of the Green Tie Rising Star award from LCV for leading in environmental protection. 

George Gilson Jr. (R)
Gilson's Platform

3 key messages of Gilson's campaign: 

  1. Less taxes

  2. Fiscal responsibility

  3. Common sense conservatism

Meet the candidates:
who's who?
Robert T. Reives

Bio: Prior to becoming a legislator, Robert earned a renowned Pogue Scholarship while studying at UNC - Chapel Hill for a B.S. in Business Administration/ Finance. Robert continued his studies at UNC and received his J.D. from UNC at Chapel Hill School of Law. Robert Reives II has served in the North Carolina House of Representatives since 2014. Upon entering NCGA, Robert was immediately tapped for leadership serving as Freshman Caucus Co-Chair and as treasurer of the NC Legislative Black Caucus. He is currently the Deputy Democratic Leader of the House. He currently serves on Agriculture, Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety, Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Matters, and Redistricting, and Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House.

Reives' Legislative Scorecard


You can see his legislative scorecard here.

George Gilson Jr.

Bio: Gilson believes that House District 54 is in need of someone who is honest, ethical, and personally accountable. When he says common sense conservatism, Gilson is passionate about the 2nd Amendment, less government involvement, less taxes/spending and leading with strong family values. 

He says, “I believe the People of North Carolina and House District 54 need someone now more than ever who will get things done with the best interests of the People (NOT THEMSELVES), first and foremost at heart. I believe that I am the right person for that task.”

Gilson's Legislative Scorecard  

Gilson Jr. does not yet have any ratings