State Offices:
NC State Senate District 22

The senator serves in the N.C. Senate chamber of the N.C. General Assembly.

Mike Woodard (D)
Woodard's Platform TLDR

Woodard has 3 top priorities: 

  1. Strong economy 

  2. Accessible, affordable healthcare 

  3. Effective education

Rick Padgett (R)
Padgett's Platform TLDR

Padgett believes schools need to be safer: we should increase the presence of law enforcement in every NC school. Additionally, he believes the “War on Police” has reached new heights. Padgett posits that NC is in desperate need of mental health care and that the misuse of jails for the mentally ill must end.

Meet the candidates:
who's who?
Mike Woodard

Bio: Mike Woodard has served the 22nd district in the North Carolina Senate since 2013. He represents areas of Durham, Granville and Person counties. Before being elected to Senate, Woodard served on the Durham City Council from 2005 to 2013 as well as the Durham Arts Council as Board President and Chair of the Steering Committee. Since 1996, Woodard has also been an administrator at Duke University and the Duke University Health System. In the legislature, he is on the Transportation, Appropriations, Finance, Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources, and Health Care Committees.

Rick Padgett

Bio: Rick Padgett served for 35 years at the Durham County Sheriff’s Office, working his way up from Deputy Jailer to ranking Captain. Padgett also served in the United States Army, 101st Airborne Division, and then the W. Germany 3rd Infantry and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal. Padgett has also served as a member of: Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center, Rape Crisis Board, Durham Domestic Crisis Board, Durham City/Council Planning, Durham VFW, among others. Padgett is a supporter of President Trump. He has a 96% rating from Grass Roots NC and a 93% from the NRA.

Key endorsements:
who's supporting who?
Woodard's Endorsements

NC League of Conservation Voters

Woodard's Legislative Scorecard

  • You can find his legislative record here.

  • 11% from NC Values Coalition

  • 57% from National Federation of Independent Business NC

  • 80% ACLU NC

  • 17% American Conservative Union

  • 100% from NC League of Conservation Voters

  • 0% from Grass Roots NC

Padgett's Endorsements

{Padgett has no endorsements.}

Padgett's Legislative Scorecard  

  • Padgett has no ratings.

On the issues:
NC State Senate District 22 candidates
1. Safety

More specifically, he supports gun violence restraining orders, universal background checks, ending the gun show loophole, and banning military style weapons.

Woodard supports state level changes to our gun laws

He believes highly trained, retired police officers will make a difference and ensure children’s safety in school by providing an immediate response in the case of an active shooter situation. He believes that “the unfortunate truth is the only thing that stops a bad person with a firearm, is a good person with a firearm.”

Padgett wants to increase presence of law enforcement in every single school.

2. Health Care

Rural healthcare is a national problem but one definitely felt in North Carolina. Woodard believes we should focus on these areas and medical specialties there.

Woodard sponsored legislation to expand Medicaid.

Jails are no longer dependable to serve as a surrogate service for those who suffer from mental illnesses. Padgett believes mental illness can no longer go misdiagnosed or untreated.

Greater focus on mental health is desperately needed in North Carolina

3. Jobs

He supports more training, retraining, and apprenticeship projects. In addition, he feels strongly about expanding infrastructure and broadband into rural parts of his district. He also believes that NC should raise its minimum wage.

Woodard wants to expand opportunities for work in NC.

Padgett says he will use a common-sense approach to secure jobs by encouraging new businesses to start up with citizens of the Granville, Person and North Durham County.

Padgett believes North Carolina should seek high-tech companies.

4. Immigration

He favors policies that give unndocumented students the ability to pay in-state tuition for community colleges.

Woodard supports undocumented peoples. 

He states they should not be granted amnesty under any circumstances nor be placed “at the front of the line & treated with preference.”

Padgett believes illegal aliens are criminals. 

5. Police


He believes Public Safety Personnel need a protective Bill of Rights to defend them against those who wish them ill and wish to embarrass them.

Padgett thinks the “War on Police” has reached new heights