State Offices:
NC State Senate District 20

The senator serves in the N.C. Senate chamber of the N.C. General Assembly.

Natalie Murdock (D)
Murdock's Platform TLDR

Murdock believes we must stop locking people up for non-violent and minor drug offenses.


A supporter of the Green New Deal, Murdock will be a leader that is responsive to the challenges of climate change.

Murdock will fight for the 13% of Durham residents that lack health care. 

John Tarantino (R)
Tarantino's Platform TLDR

Tarantino wants to give voters a choice, so they don't have to go into a voting booth and see one name. 

Meet the candidates:
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Natalie Murdock

Bio: A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, Murdock has remained focused on the priorities and crises in our state. As state senator, she has committed herself to making life better for working families. Our state needs better attention on our schools, affordable health care, and housing. She sees and acknowledges the barriers that still exist to truly providing justice and opportunity for all residents of the state. Current legislators do little to solve these very real problems, and Natalie is here to change that.

John Tarantino

Bio:  Tarantino has served in the U.S. Army National Guard and was previously a 2015 candidate for an at-large seat on the Durham City Council. He has also run for the District 20 state senate seat in 2010, as well as another failed candidacy for Ward 1 representative on the Durham City Council. 

Key endorsements:
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On the issues: 
NC State Senate District 22 
1. Environment

Murdock will be a leader that is responsive to climate change. She will increase funding for programs to preserve our water, something Murdock worked on as Durham’s Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. She supports the Green New Deal.

Murdock believes clean air and water are paramount.


2. Health Care

Beyond that, we need to fund preventative health measures, protect funding for women’s health care access, and increase health care access for rural areas. Recognizing the racial disparities in access to health care, especially in Durham, will be a large part of the solution.

Murdock states we must fight to expand Medicaid. 


3. Housing

We need to remove legislative barriers that prevent local communities from fighting gentrification and staying in their homes. Furthermore, we need to continue to fund eviction diversion programs. Lastly, we need to restore funding for state agencies that support our homeless populations.

Murdock believes housing is a right


4. Criminal Justice

She is in favor of decriminalizing the use of marijuana. Murdock feels we must stop locking people up for non-violent and minor drug offenses. “As your state senator, I will support and fund our NC Reentry Council, fund money bail reforms, support criminal record expungement programs, strengthen domestic violence laws, support common sense gun laws, and support our immigrant community.”

Murdock is dedicated to grassroots criminal justice reform.