State Offices:
NC Secretary of State

The Department of the Secretary of State works with the private and public sectors to strengthen North Carolina's economy.  The Secretary of State is in charge of fulfilling this mission and managing the many divisions of the department. 

Sec. Elaine Marshall
Marshall's Platform

Marshall made history in 1997 when she became the first woman in North Carolina to be elected to statewide office! During her time in office, Marshall has committed efforts to combating financial fraud, protecting North Carolinians, and recovering their dollars. She prioritizes making NC an easy and affordable place to do business, cutting red tape when possible to get entrepreneurs working.

E.C. Sykes
Sykes' Platform

Sykes has three messages for his campaign:

  1. Cutting waste and limiting the size of government 

  2. Increased transparency and efficiency

  3. Improving NC/s business environment

Meet the candidates:
who's who?
Elaine Marshall

Bio: Marshall built a career defending victims of domestic violence in the 1980s when few would. While in the NC Senate, she moved the Marital Rape Bill through.  During her time as Secretary of State, she has gained recognition for her protection of copyrights and fight against counterfeit goods. She puts consumers first and seeks to protect them against securities fraud and and financial scams. In her career she has recovered over $1 billion. She is committed to making NC an easy place to do business and thanks to her efforts it is now one of the most affordable places to do work. Before being Secretary, Marshall worked hard to improve healthcare throughout NC. In her own words, “As Secretary of state, I’ve worked to cut the red tape for entrepreneurs starting companies, track special interests and the people who lobby for them, prosecute criminals who are masquerading as charities, and crack down on financial fraud—getting serious jail time for crooks.”


An advocate through and through, Elaine remembers, “When I grew up and became the owner of a small business, I discovered that if I wanted a line of credit, my husband had to go to the bank and apply for the loan—because I was a woman. I witnessed other instances of inequity and discrimination in my community, directed at men, women, children, and families who would have little chance of realizing their dreams.  So as a lawyer, I stood up for people without a voice. As a citizen, I went to the General Assembly and took on the insurance industry to get coverage for mammograms and Pap Smears. As a member of the North Carolina Senate, I got needed healthcare services, especially for our state’s rural areas. And as Secretary of State, I have made protecting consumers and creating jobs my top priorities.” 


She was the president of the National Association of Secretaries of State in addition to being the Co-Chair of that association’s Securities Committee.  All standings and awards can be found here.

E.C. Sykes

Bio: Hoping to bring a vantage of business, E.C. will bring transparency and efficiency to our state government with commonsense policies like honoring the rule of law, cutting waste, limiting the size of government, and restoring citizens’ confidence in our government”, unlike career politicians. He is a passionate conservative: pro-life, limited government, religious liberty. He served as the Executive Director of Faith and Religious Liberty. With his history in business, he can remove the barriers to economic growth, foster job creation, and improve the general business environment in the state. Sykes is incredibly devout and sees that fully intersecting with his work in executive office. You can see more on that here.