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NC Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the executive office next in rank to the Governor and the President of the NC Senate (upper house of the NC General Assembly), serving terms of 4 years. The Lt. Governor serves on a variety of state boards and is the only elected official in the state that serves at the executive and legislative level.  In North Carolina, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's seat is up for grabs in 2020, as he is running for Governor.

Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley (D)
Holley's Platform TLDR

Holley is running on her “Affordable Living Initiative”: access to healthy food, workforce development, public education, affordable housing. ​

Strongly supports criminal justice reform in the state, especially the use of bail for those who have not been found guilty of a crime.


Holley places a strong focus on environmental justice and says she is dedicated to focusing on pollution in poor and minority communities. 


She supports guaranteed access to a safe abortion and equal wages for NC women.

Mark Robinson (R)
Robinson's Platform TLDR

Robinson gained national recognition for his 2nd Amendment advocacy and has served on the Board of Directors of the NRA. 


As a man of faith, Robinson honors the sanctity of life from conception.


On the economy, Robinson has seen wages cut by transnational economic agreements and is committed to seeing a decrease in taxes and regulations.

He has called COVID-19 a 'globalist' conspiracy to destroy Donald Trump.

Meet the candidates:
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Yvonne Holley

Bio: Holley was born and raised in Raleigh where she saw the South change with time, learning the value of education and community. In high school, she was one of the first students of desegregation at Enloe High. In the NC House, she was dedicated to the exhaustive work of alleviating Food Deserts throughout the state. This became a bipartisan effort with funding to aid food insecure areas. She is running on what she has called the Affordable Living Initiative. This includes affordable housing, access to healthy food, workforce development, transportation, and public education.

Mark Robinson

Bio: Robinson is running on being a patriot, not a politician, positing that “he is North Carolina”. A Greensboro native, Robinson grew up in the foster care system, knowing well the importance of  faith and family. He served in the Army Reserves as a medical specialist. While working in a factory during NAFTA implementation, he saw his wages cut and was moved by this experience. He is known most widely for his 2nd Amendment advocacy. Should Robinson secure the seat in November, Robinson would be the first black Republican elected to any major office in NC since the 1800s.

Key endorsements:
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Holley's Endorsements
Robinson's Endorsements
Holley's Legislative Scorecard
Find Holley's full voting record here.

Robinson's Legislative Scorecard  

On the issues:
NC Lieutenant Governor candidates
1. Abortion

Holley supports legislation to guarantee access to quality healthcare and safe abortion care without dangerous delay, isolation or obstruction. She says she "would support efforts to expand access for everyone. It’s a woman’s right to choose." She is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

Holley supports guaranteed access to safe abortion care.

Robinson grew up as the 9th of 10 siblings and ended up in foster care due to poverty and an abusive father. His website says, "the radical left believes stories like his should not exist because low income families should abort their babies rather than giving them the opportunity to grow up in sub-optimal conditions." As a Christian, Robinson emphasizes the sanctity of life specifically in the abortion debate. He is endorsed by pro-life lobby group Family Research Council Action.

Robinson is pro-life.

2. Education

Holley believes that “For too long, public education has not received the proper attention it deserves.” As a member of the State Board of Education, Holley says she will fight for an increase in per-student spending to equal the national average, as well as an increase in teacher pay to match the national average. Holley believes that increases to public education funding should go towards an increase in the number of school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses and other health professionals. She says that "who you are and where you live should not dictate access to quality education." Holley is endorsed by the North Carolina Association of Educators.

Holley wants to strengthen public education. 

Robinson says he would end Common Core and keep race and gender issues out of the classroom. “I know there’s some of this stuff about gender-fluidity we’re trying to teach these young people,” Robinson said. “To me, this has no place.... in a classroom, period.” Robinson is also a strong supporter of school choice and wants to “strengthen opportunity scholarship programs,” so that students can receive the financial assistance they need to attend schools outside of their own school systems.

Robinson believes indoctrination in our public schools must end.

3. Environment

Holley strongly opposes drilling for oil or gas on the coast of North Carolina and supports offshore wind development” to bolster economic development. She recognizes that much of the pollution in North Carolina is concentrated in poor and minority communities, underlining the importance of environmental justice. Since the Lieutenant Governor serves as the chair of the Energy Policy Council, if elected, Holley will revisit “the legislation that has pulled back our environmental laws.” She is endorsed by the Sierra Club and the NC League of Conservation Voters. She received an 100% rating from Environment North Carolina and an 88% rating from the NC League of Conservation Voters. She is endorsed by the Sierra Club and the NC League of Conservation Voters.

Holley sees declining water and air quality as North Carolina’s top environmental issue. 

Robinson does not include the environment in his platform published online.

Robinson has no recorded stance on the environment.

4. Guns

Holley supports legislation that bans assault weapons and magazines. 

Robinson rose to public prominence after a video of a gun rights speech he gave to the Greensboro city council went viral on Facebook in 2018. Although he didn't own a gun himself, he was featured in an NRA advertisement. Following a shock win in the GOP primary, Robinson maintains that he is a “fierce fighter for the 2nd amendment” and has even served on the Board of Directors for the NRA. He received a 92% rating from the NRA and an 100% rating from Grass Roots NC. He is endorsed by Grass Roots NC and Gun Owners of America.

Robinson is a 'fierce fighter' for the Second Amendment.

Holley believes  we need to require background checks and licensing permits for all firearms. She says the gun show loophole needs to be closed and private to private sales must require the firearm be registered to the new owner (like vehicle registration transfers). She support Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation, also known as "red flag laws." She believes  safe storage legislation needs to be strengthened and required in all homes and locations with firearms, not just in homes with minors. Holley received a 0% rating from the NRA and a 9% rating from Grass Roots NC gun advocacy group.

5. Immigration

Holley supports comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level. 

At the federal level, Holley says she supports 'comprehensive immigration reform,' however, this is outside the purview of the Lt. Governor. At the state level, she supports allowing local sheriffs to determine their departments’ cooperation with ICE (voted against HB 370 vetoed by Gov. Cooper), granting in-state tuition and financial aid to undocumented students, and allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license.

Robinson says he will always affirm and congratulate those who come here legally, but does not support those who illegally come across the border. “It is a crime to do so, and should be treated as such,” he says. He believes that sanctuary cities in NC are dangerous and disproportionately affect low income areas.

Robinson believes illegal immigration is a crime and stands against sanctuary cities.