State Offices:
NC Auditor

The Auditor is a statewide elected office in the executive branch who acts as a watchdog for the state government, elected every 4 years. In North Carolina, Auditor Beth Wood's seat is up for grabs in 2020.

Beth Wood [D]
Wood's Platform

As auditor, she has continued to identify wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars and save the state millions. 


She prides herself on having maintained objectivity and independence in the Auditor’s Office.

Tony Wayne Street [R]
Street's Platform

Street is running on three key messages:

  1. You deserve to know how and where your tax dollars are being spent.

  2. He will fight for accountability and transparency.

  3. He will make your Auditor's Office serve your needs.

Meet the candidates:
who's who?
Beth Wood

Bio: Beth Wood is a long-time public servant with over 30 years of auditing experience.  The first woman elected to that office, Beth has served as State Auditor since 2009. She previously worked in the State Auditor’s Office for more than a decade and also served in the State Treasurer’s Office. During her pior time in the State Auditor’s office, Wood helped to bring the state’s compliance supplements up to federal standards and helped to ensure that federal grants were being used as intended.

You can read more about Wood’s accomplishments here.

Tony Wayne Street

Bio: Tony Wayne Street was born in Wilmington , NC. He earned a bachelor’s degree from UNC- Wilmington and a masters in Public Administration from UNC- Pembroke. He is a small business owner in the construction industry and serves on the Soil and Water Board in Brunswick County. Tony identifies as a “fiscal, moral, and social conservative that will fight for accountability and transparency.”  Tony aims to review how local school boards are investing education tax dollars. He would like to be remembered as someone “fighting for Christian and Conservative morals and values.”

Key endorsements:
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