State Offices:
NC Attorney General 

The Attorney General is the leader of the state Department of Justice. A list of the Attorney General's duties can be found here.

AG Josh Stein (D)
Stein's Platform TLDR

Stein is running for reelection on 4 broad issues:

  1. Public Safety: supporting victims of violence, prioritizing reentry programming, shift to community based policing.

  2. Protecting Senior and Consumers: combatting predatory lenders.

  3. Preserving Clean Air and Water: takes on polluters, no questions asked. 

  4. Promoting Public Health: fighting to protect the ACA, combating opioid crisis

Jim O'Neill (R)
O'Neills Platform TLDR

O’Neill is focused on a few shortcomings of Stein’s time in office:

  1. Finally clearing the backlog of rape kits,

  2. Providing more support to federal immigration policy, and 

  3. Continuing to fight the opioid crisis.

Meet the candidates:
who's who?
Josh Stein

Bio: Josh Stein is nearing the end of his first term as the AG. Before serving as AG, he was a NC State Senator working to protect victims of domestic violence, expand the DNA database, improve public education, and clean up our drinking water. As Senior Deputy AG, he fought predatory and payday  lenders, took on monopoly utilities, combated identity theft, and worked to improve social media protections for children against online predators. Outlined on his website are some of his accomplishments thus far as AG, including supporting victims of violent crimes, leading the effort to clear the backlog of untested sexual assault kits, investigating consumer complaints, and drafting three recent laws to combat the state's opioid epidemic. 

Jim O'Neill

Bio: Jim O’Neill has served as the Forsyth County District Attorney for 11 years. He focuses on prosecuting sex offenders and chronic criminal offenders. He graduated from Duke University and earned his J.D. degree from New York Law School. As North Carolina’s Attorney General, Jim wants to focus on clearing a backlog of rape kids, defending capital case murder convictions, and combating the opioid crisis.

Key endorsements:
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Stein's Endorsements
Stein's Legislative Scorecard

  • Legislator of the Year” by MADD, AARP, Metro Mayors’ Association, Wake Up Wake County, NC Sustainable Energy Association

  • “Environmental Champion” by the Sierra Club

  • “Defender of the Environment” by League of Conservation Voters

  • “Defender of Justice” by NC Justice Center

O'Neill's Endorsements

{O'Neill has no known endorsements.}

On the issues:
Attorney General candidates
1. Public Safety

During his time, he oversaw the State Crime Lab working through a massive  backlog of rape kits. He watched the passage of the SURVIVOR Act to up testing and finally bring justice against these people. He also drafted the SAFE Child Act which prioritizes prosecuting child abuse, monitor online spaces, and give formerly abused adults the chance to have their day in court. In order to mitigate second time offenders, Josh prioritizes reentry programs, “banning the box”, and reforming pretrial release procedures. In the vein of policing, Josh believes in shifting policy to a more community based approach, emphasizing de-escalation, and cultural sensitivity training. He serves as Co-Chair of the Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal Justice

Stein wants to protect NC families from crime through the avenues at his disposal.

O'Neill supports the death penalty.


O'Neill seeks to end the limbo in NC surrounding the death penalty. He does not believe it should be used in some cases and not others.

2. Immigration

On illegal immigration, Stein is clear: this is a problem we need to solve. Our borders need to be secured. He favors a pathway for citizenship for people in the US.

Stein supports DACA.

O’Neill supports ICE and  believes "they focus their limited resources on people who commit violent crime." O'Neill has criticized Stein for "supporting sanctuary cities and refusing to help ICE agents." 

O'Neill is a supporter of ICE.

3. Economy

He is passionate about ensuring transparency and fair competition. His Consumer Protection Division got consumers $100 million of their money back from scams and fraud. Operation Silver Shield was launched to protect older people from these sort of scams.

AG Stein protects seniors and consumers.

O'Neill has no recorded stance on the economy. 


4. Environment

Stein took on Duke Energy and their coal ash pollution. He receives  Environmental Enhancement Grants (wetland restoration, storm water, buffer installations). At the same time that the federal government was rolling back restrictions and protections, Stein fought to make sure that NC did not suffer the same fate.

AG Stein is committed to preserving clean air and water for North Carolinians.

O'Neill has no recorded stance on the environment.


5. Health Care

Stein consistently fought to protect the ACA.

Working for the ACA meant hundreds of thousands of people in NC could keep their health care. Dedicated himself to fighting the opioid epidemic (More Powerful NC), sued Purdue Pharma and used the settlements to bring treatment back to NC, sued JUUL (first AG in country), part of the Medicaid Investigations Division.

O'Neill has no recorded stance on health care.