State Offices:
NC Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Commissioner

The Commissioner is in charge of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This involves a primary goal of maintaining, protecting and enhancing the ability of agriculture to produce an adequate supply of food and the responsibility of enforcing programs which protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of N.C. citizens. 

Steve Troxler (R)
Troxler's Platform TLDR

Troxler has focused on developing new markets for N.C. farm products, preserving working farms and protecting the state’s food supply. He has overseen massive growth in the agricultural-business sector in North Carolina, and has also led nationally recognized campaigns to bring business to North Carolina with great success.

Jenna Wadsworth (D)
Wadsworth's Platform TLDR

Wadsworth views the top 3 issues in her race that she is uniquely qualified to address are 

  1. Climate change

  2. Advocating for small family farmers and creating new crop markets

  3. Bridging the rural-urban divide in North Carolina.

Meet the candidates:
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Steve Troxler

Bio: Steve Troxler assumed office in 2005 and his term is now coming to an end.  He was raised in Guilford County, NC and is the founder, owner, and operator of Troxler Farms. He graduated from N.C State with a BS in conservation. He has been recognized by NASDA for his commitment to food safety and has helped deploy $240 million in disaster relief funds. In 2019, Troxler was among N.C. officials called out for improperly spending thousands of dollars. You can read more about that here. During his time in office, Troxler has focused on developing new markets for N.C. farm products, preserving working farms and protecting the state’s food supply.

Jenna Wadsworth

Bio: Jennifer (Jenna) Wadsworth is a member of the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District, representing Supervisor in North Carolina at 21 years old (the youngest woman ever elected to public office in NC!)  She assumed office in 2010. As Commissioner, she would be responsible for preserving farmland and environmental education for young North Carolinians. If elected, Wadsworth would become the state’s first ever openly LBGTQ+ constitutional officer.

Get to know Jenna better here.

Key endorsements:
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Troxler's Endorsements

{Troxler has no known endorsements.}

Troxler's Legislative Scorecard


  • 2016 Tobacco Great

  • 2015 Friend of the River Award from Land of Sky Regional Council

  • 2014 Public Service Award from N.C. Travel Industry Association 2013 Forest Conservationist of the Year from NC Wildlife Federation

Wadsworth's Endorsements
On the issues:
NC Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Commissioner candidates
1. Climate Change

Troxler focuses on the effects, not the cause.

Wadsworth believes climate change is the most fundamental problem that will be faced by any of us in this lifetime.

Wadsworth believes climate change is a problem.

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Troxler always wants tools to combat extreme weather, no matter if it’s the result of climate change or if it’s just a weather pattern.

2. Marijuana and Hemp Legalization

Troxler led NC farmers under a two year pilot project to produce hemp and wants to implement it in a way that puts NC at the forefront of the industry.

Troxler is for hemp development.

Wadsworth hopes to promote hemp and marijuana legalization to increase economic opportunities.

Wadsworth wants to legalize.